Know About Bone Spurs In The Neck Treatment Methods

By on March 4, 2014

Bone spurs, of course a painful condition literally happens in the neck.

Conditions like arthritis and poor posture can cause extra bony growths on edges of bones, joints and ligaments called as bone spurs.

Bone spurs can develop gradually overtime causing soreness or even restricting neck movement.

There is a vast range of best possible treatment options for symptomatic bone spurs in the spine.

Treating Bone Spur In The Neck:

Bone Spurs In The Neck TreatmentThe main aim of bone spur treatment is to eliminate strain in the region of neck which is affected by bone spur and to manage patient’s pain.

If you have been experiencing symptoms of bone spur or any pain in the neck, you might be in need of doctor’s advice. Your doctor will determine the existence of bone spurs by doing an x-ray.

In addition to taking full medical history of the patient, physician can find out which treatment option is best for your current condition. Common conservative bone spur in the neck treatment include:

  • If you are experiencing minor aches from bone spur, doctor may recommend for medications like anti-inflammatories, pain relievers and muscle relaxers.
  • Physical therapy and core strengthening movements help to restore flexibility and strength to weakened muscles and joints.
  • Performing rotational and resistance exercises help to create resistance in the affected areas of the neck.
  • Application of heat or ice really helps you to get instant relief from pain. Limited rest even helps you a lot.
  • Bone spurs that limit your range of motion on nerves may require surgery to eradicate the pain caused by bone spurs completely.

Additionally, some lifestyle changes and stretching techniques like Pilates or yoga may be recommended depending on patient’s condition.

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