Interesting Facts about Osteoporosis for Women

By on December 20, 2013

Do you know everything about osteoporosis? I think, most of you say NO. Yes, there are several interesting facts about osteoporosis that you should know.

As a woman, you should be aware of everything about osteoporosis. The more you know, the more you can do to prevent osteoporosis.

Here are the interesting facts about osteoporosis in women:

  • About 40 million women in US alone are suffering from osteoporosis. Men too suffer from osteoporosis, which can be acquired at any age.
    Facts about Osteoporosis for Women
  • Osteoporosis is asymptomatic, so it is called as “silent killer”.
  • People who suffer from osteoporosis are at great risk of bone fractures even with minor pressure. Most common parts affected with even minor pressure are spine, hips, wrist and rib.
  • Bone mineral density test is used to determine whether you have osteoporosis or you are at the risk of affecting with the condition.
  • There are various factors that you can’t even imagine as they can cause osteoporosis. They include race or ethnicity, being thing or lean, hormonal disturbances, genetics or hereditary, lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, certain type of drugs and medications, and eating disorders like anorexia.
  • There is no particular treatment for osteoporosis prevention. The one and only treatment is consuming a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D. [Dealing With Osteoporosis In Women]
  • Women who are in their 30s should make the habit of doing regular exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Do cardio workouts and stretching as they help to strengthen your bones.
  • Do you know curved backs can result in bones to not grow straight and sturdy because of the slouchy position? As you your age increase, bones become weak and porous and put you at higher risk of osteoporosis.

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