Harmful Long Term Effects Of Osteoporosis On The Body

By on July 5, 2016

The meaning of Osteoporosis is porous bones and it is one condition affecting the bone strength in individuals. It is a condition that results in thinning of bones or excessive loss of bones.

With time, the bones in people suffering from osteoporosis become less strong and less dense as well. However, the bone loss frequency in people might vary.

Ageing, menopause, low body weight, smoking, alcohol, and certain medication increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is the leading cause of spine fractures in people resulting in extreme pain and deformity which might get worse with time. Long term effects of osteoporosis show a serious impact on the patient’s physical health, mental health, and even on the quality of life.

Long Term Effects Of Osteoporosis

Common Long Term Effects Of Osteoporosis

The commonly experienced long term effects of osteoporosis on the patient’s body are detailed below:

Difficulty Doing Regular Activities

The spine fractures caused due to osteoporosis might also impact the self-esteem of an individual making it very difficult for people to get around in an independent manner. The simple activities of life can also become difficult for people who suffer from spine fractures due to osteoporosis.

Acute Pain For The Entire Life

One of the major long term effects of Osteoporosis is acute pain felt by the patients in the muscles and the bones particularly in the back, the arms, the hips, the knees and the ribs. The level of pain might differ as per patient.

Patients might experience severe pain on a regular basis or within short intervals of time. The emotional effect of pain in people get longer to normalize. People who suffer from osteoporosis at any point in life might feel that they are no longer active as they used to be and their self-confidence is also affected in an adverse manner.

Spine Breaks

Spine breaks because of osteoporosis can prompt torment and distortion that may deteriorate after some time. One such distortion is a conspicuous bend in the upper spine or hunchback-appearance (otherwise called kyphosis).

Osteoporotic Cracks

It can likewise affect your self-regard and can make it hard to get around autonomously. They can even make basic exercises of the day by day life difficult to manage without assistance from others.

Hip Breaks

Hip breaks particularly can have severe outcomes. Influenced people regularly endure lost autonomy and very nearly one in four obliges admission to great haul care. Right around one out of each four ladies who put up with a hip break bite the dust inside six months due to inconveniences, for example, pneumonia or blood coagulation.

Other Health Effects

Blood clots and pneumonia are some long-term effects or complications of osteoporosis resulting in the death of the patients.

Sociaeconomic Effects Of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis not only effects physically, and mentally, but also affects the patient’s socioeconomic status. Osteoporosis increase the monthly expenditure in the form of increased health care expenses, loss of workdays and income, etc.

Loss Of Independence

Hip fractures caused due to osteoporosis can result in very difficult complications for the patient. The affected individuals might suffer from the complete loss of independence requiring long-term care and treatment.

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