Causes of Pain in Hip Socket and It’s Treatment

By on February 14, 2014

Hip pain is the common complaint that keeps most people from being active. The appropriate treatment depends on the cause, severity and nature of hip pain.

Let us learn about what causes the hip pain and various treatment options.

What causes a pain in hip socket?

  • The main problem is caused due to when head of femur rubs hardly against the rim of cartilage around the acetabulum and squeezes it.
  • Muscle weakness of hip abductor muscles, hip external rotators, hip extensors adds to the problem.
  • Pain in Hip Socket

  • A deformity of ball at the top part of femur called as cam impingement causes pain in hip socket. This may happen during certain activities like tying your shoes, riding the bicycle, etc.
  • A deformity in the socket called pincer impingement is another main cause of pain in hip socket.
  • Hip impingement happens as the hip bones cannot form normally during childhood growing years.

How it is treated?

If you find yourself in experiencing severe hip pain, it is essential to consult a physician. Generally, hip pain treatment can be broadly classified into two types: surgical and non-surgical treatment.

  • Non-surgical treatments like medications and injections are primarily used to ease hip pain. Over-the-counter medicines are used as the first line of defense in treating hip pain. If you are wondering how to ease hip pain, there are several anti-inflammatories, exercises and physical therapy available to relieve pain and gives some relief.
  • Surgical treatments like hip arthroscopy, anterior hip replacement are effective to treat hip pains caused due to avascular necrosis.

If the pain is due to bone infections, intravenous antibiotics are recommended to relieve hip pains.

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