Know About Various Alternatives To Knee Replacement Surgery

By on April 23, 2015

Knee osteoarthritis is a disabling and a painful condition.

This is the reason why there are a lot of people who go for complete knee replacement surgery to treat the problem.

However, for such people it is important to know that there are various alternatives to knee replacement surgery.

If you happen to suffer from knee osteoarthritis, prior to considering a knee replacement surgery, you can consider some of the alternatives to knee replacement surgery.

Alternatives To Knee Replacement Surgery

Here are some of the alternatives to knee replacement surgery, which you can consider before going for surgery.

Alternatives To Knee Replacement Surgery

Proper Exercises

Proper exercises aimed towards knee arthritis can go a long way in treating the condition. You do not need to undergo a surgery to get rid of your knee osteoarthritis.

Exercises like weights, yoga, water aerobics and even floor exercises can help you in getting good relief from knee osteoarthritis.

Take Supplements and Oral NSAIDs

Supplements like glucosamine with chrondrotin 1500 mg every day can work for the knees. Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids and it is considered very good for the health of the joints. Apart from this, oral NSAIDs can also be taken to get good relief from knee osteoarthritis.

Hyaluronic Acid Injection

Normal knee possesses Hyaluronic acid or HA with a viscous and thick consistency. However, as the knee starts becoming arthritic, HA composition in the knee changes. HA injection helps in replacing a fluid very similar to the healthy fluid that is found around the knee.

These injections can be given in single dose or in the form of series ranging from three to five based in injection brand.

Cortisone Injection

Cortisone works in the form of strong Eleve or Motrin and it helps in slowing down or reducing inflammatory process produced during knee osteoarthritis. This injection can be taken after every three months.

Weight Loss

If there is less pressure exerted on the osteoarthritic knee, it will typically help in reducing the pain that is caused due to the condition. This might ultimately slow down the progress of the disease.

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