5 Foot Gout Treatment Options

By on August 20, 2015

Gout is the result of the human body becoming overloaded with uric acid. Gout is a debilitating disease that is becoming prevalent increasingly but at the same time it is highly preventable.

If you are looking for foot gout treatment, or for prevention, it is important that you known the causes of this disease and for this you ought to know gout symptoms.

Gout is called a rich man’s disease which is also progressive and can result in uric acid deposits in the bodily tissues. Uric acid deposits are generally found in areas near the joints and can also result in the decreased functioning of the kidneys.

Foot Gout Treatment Options

The following are some of the best foot gout treatment options, which are effective in treating the disease.

Foot Gout Treatment

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes like maintaining healthy weight, avoiding alcohol, taking is adequate liquid and avoiding shellfish and organ meats can help in treating foot gout in an effective manner.


There are even some useful medications that can be given to the patient for relieving pain and stopping the inflammation of joints during chronic attacks. This is probably one of the best Foot Gout treatment options that need to be considered.

Herbal Treatment

Some herbs like yucca root, horse radish root, turmeric and cayenne can also turn out to be very effective in preventing and treating gout flares. These herbs help in reducing uric acid, inflammation and in promoting urination.

Bed Rest

Gout flare ups can also be prevented and even treated by getting bed rest. Patients suffering from foot gout should make it a point to get good and enough bed rest. This will prevent them from being on their foot too much which will automatically help in preventing the problem from getting aggravated or worse.


If the problem continues without any sort of major healing then it is better to go for a gout surgery. Surgery is often recommended for patients who have suffered from foot gout for more than ten years. This builds chalky and gritty nodules in the joints causing deformed joints, pressure and infection and they are removed through surgery.

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