The 2 Best Vitamins For Bone Health

By on September 17, 2014

Strong bones would certainly help you to stay healthy in the long run.

Vitamin D and calcium are the most important and best vitamins bone health improvement.

When you are in the early years of life, you might not realize the importance of drinking milk everyday but as you get older, you would realize the worth of healthy bones.

This article discusses the best vitamins for bone health, so make it a habit of consuming them on a daily basis:

Vitamin D

Best Vitamins For Bone HealthFirst one of the best vitamins for bone health is Vitamin D. It is the most essential element of getting healthy bones. Though people would tell you that you would get enough of it by exposure to sunlight, it is not true.

You would need to some foods rich in Vitamin D so as to help your bones grow stronger. Vitamin D is also important for the body as it is the only thing that helps to absorb the calcium that you take through external sources.

Yogurt is a very good source of Vitamin D as well as calcium. So, you can eat a bowl of it every day. Also, you can add honey sauce to your salads in order to get the benefits of Vitamin D with taste.


Calcium is another one of the best vitamins for bone health that you would need to take in regularly so as to get the benefits of strong bones.

The richest source of calcium is milk and hence, you should drink at least three glasses full of it every day. If you want to get double benefits, choose the branded milk, which also contains Vitamin D.

Cheese is also a good source of calcium. So you should eat it often. Though cheese also contains Vitamin D, very little quantity of Vitamin D is present in it, so you cannot reply on it completely.

You can also add sardines to your diet for a change. Calcium tablets available in the market can also help, but if you are taking regular Vitamin D through food or sunlight.

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