How Is Hemophilia Treated? Know Various Treatment Methods

By on June 10, 2015

Hemophilia is a serious bleeding disorder which stops blood from clotting normally. A person with hemophilia bleeds longer than other people especially in sensitive areas like knees, ankles and elbows.

It causes life threatening damage to organs and tissues. Hemophilia is an inherited disorder and cannot be acquired.

The disorder can range from being mild to severe depending on the clotting factor.

A common question asked by those suffering from this disorder is that how is hemophilia treated”

How Is Hemophilia Treated

Have a look at the 5 methods for how is Hemophilia treated.

How Is Hemophilia Treated

Replacement Therapy

A lot of people are confused regarding how is hemophilia treated and are concerned about their health because of the disorder. The answers lie in replacement therapy. It is the most commonly used method of treatment.

Concentrations of clotting factors are slowly injected into the blood stream through the veins. These concentrations help replace the clotting factor that is low in a person’s body with clotting factor of a healthy human being.

These clotting factors are created from human blood and it is a highly effective method of treatment that prevents spreading of other diseases.


DDAVP or Desmopressin is a man-made hormone to treat mild hemophilia type A. It cannot be used to treat more severe kinds of hemophilia. This method of treatment increases the protein levels in a patient’s blood and binds the clotting factor in the person’s blood stream.

Antifibrinolytic Treatments

These are supplements to replacement therapy and are hardly used as a primary method of treatment. Antifibrinolytic binds the blood clots and keeps them from breaking down too easily. These medicines are also used for dental work to treat bleeding in hemophiliac patients.

Gene Therapy

Hemophilia is caused by faulty genes and researchers are trying their best to correct the genes so hemophilia is treated permanently.

Gene therapy is not fully developed yet and it is not an accepted form of treatment for the masses yet. Clinical trials have already begun and if it is successful it will be widely used throughout the world.

Specific Bleeding Site Treatment

Sometimes the hemophilia is not serious enough to warrant a comprehensive treatment. Some people have issues with only some parts of their bodies and pain medicines, steroids and therapy is used to treat them instead of using the above mentioned methods of treatment.

These are the 5 possible methods of treatment for curing hemophilia and each of them has its specific uses. Family members of a hemophiliac patient should keep checks on the kids at home for signs of hemophilia for fast and easy treatment before complications arise.

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