How To Treat Blood Clots Naturally At Home?

By on April 9, 2015

Are you in the look out of an answer to the question How to Treat Blood Clots? This is a question that has got a very simple answer.

Natural methods are considered the best way of treating blood clots. Blood clots are caused due to an injured blood vessel.

They can turn dangerous if the blood vessel breaks but there are some types of blood clots that do not tend to be very dangerous.

Whether it is through medication or natural ways, it is important to know how to treat blood clots.

Methods For How To Treat Blood Clots

Here are the various methods for how to treat blood clots naturally, which you can try at home.

How To Treat Blood Clots


Flaxseeds are a very good source of omega 3 fatty acids which are of good help in treating blood clots. This is one of the best ingredients that can turn out to be very effective in treating the bleeding vessels of blood.

Hot Sauce

The stickiness and the massing together of the blood platelets can be easily avoided by adding hot sauce to the egg whites that you have.

Apart from hot sauce, onions, cayenne, ginger and hot peppers can also work towards improving the condition of bleeding blood vessels. These are ingredients that help in avoiding the platelets from turning sticky.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is a very good source of omega 3 fatty acids considered helpful in treating blood clots. These are wonder nutrients that help in lowering cholesterol and have a soothing effect on the heart. Fishes like tuna and salmon are the best for blood clots.

Mixture Of Milk And Lemon

A good mix of milk and lemon serves to be very effective in treating blood clots. Both milk and lemon can help in strengthening the blood vessels and this is something that avoids the condition of the formation of blood clots.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercises are considered very important for people suffering from blood vessels flowing profusely.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking leads to oxygen replacement by carbon monoxide which complicates the situation of blood cloths. Therefore, it is advisable to stop breathing in order to treat blood clots.

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