How To Increase HB In Blood During Pregnancy? Here Are The Best Ways

By on June 11, 2016

HB or hemoglobin is a protein that is rich in its iron content and it is naturally found in the red blood cells in human beings.

Hemoglobin carries oxygen throughout the human body with its main function being the transportation of blood from the lungs to the tissues of the body in order to ensure that the living cells are able to perform in a better way.

Hemoglobin is also responsible for carrying carbon dioxide away from living cells and transporting it to the lungs.

Thus, it can rightly be said that hemoglobin plays an important role in helping an individual lead a healthy life.

It is of great importance during pregnancy and therefore pregnant women always need to remain aware of how to increase HB in blood during pregnancy.

How To Increase HB In Blood During Pregnancy

Ways To Follow For How To Increase HB In Blood During Pregnancy

Have a look at some of the most effective methods for how to increase HB in blood during pregnancy.

Eating Foods Rich In Their Iron Content

Women who are deficient in iron are sure to have low levels of hemoglobin and therefore it is very important for pregnant women to increase their intake of foods which are rich in their content of iron. Such foods include liver, tofu, almonds, shrimp and lentils.

Increasing The Intake Of Vitamin C

Deficiency of vitamin C can also result in low levels of HB in the blood of a pregnant woman. This deficiency can easily be corrected by increasing the intake of vitamin C rich foods like oranges, papaya, lemon, bell peppers and strawberries.

Dried Herbs

Dried herbs like spearmint, chervil, basil, coriander, bay leaf and dried parsley can always help in increasing the levels of hemoglobin. Pregnant women must add these herbs to their daily diet because they not only help in increasing HB in blood but also give a good flavor to the food they eat.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in their content of zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids and these are considered effective in increasing the HB in blood during pregnancy. Pumpkin seeds can be taken raw or in salads.

Increasing The Intake Of Fruits

Increasing the intake of fruits like prunes, raisins, apricots, grapes, apples, watermelons and figs can not only help in getting the red blood cells flowing but can also help in improving blood count.

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