How Does Hemophilia Affect People? Know the Consequences

By on June 6, 2014

Most of us do not know about the consequences of hemophilia, which is rare disorder. Let us have a look at how does hemophilia affect people. If you or your dear ones suffering from this disorder, you must know the consequences of it as well.

What is hemophilia?

Hemophilia is a bleeding disease in which blood fails to clot at the site of bleeding injury or surgery.

Blood clotting process slows down and experience longer bleeding for longer time. It is the most common disorder in males compared to females.

Hemophilia is due to lack of certain clotting factors or lack of their proper functioning resulting in constant bleeding.

Consequences of Hemophilia:

How Does Hemophilia Affect People

  • Hemophilia mainly affects joints and muscles causing spontaneous bleeding after an injury or cut.
  • Person with hemophilia can experience extended bleeding along with bruising leading to inflamed joints.
  • Digestive problems and abdominal bleeding are the common concerns in people with hemophilia.
  • Septic arthritis happens very often if the person is suffering from hemophilia.
  • Surprisingly, hemophilia affected people can also expect several skin concerns such as skin discoloration, swelling under the skin and even pain.
  • Due to recurrent bleeding in the muscles and joints finally puts you at risk for joint deformity and restricted mobility.
  • People dealing with hemophilia finds difficulty while sleeping, and experience changes in behavior, persistent headaches, convulsions, double vision and neck pain when there is bleeding in the brain.

  • Any type of internal bleeding can be expected very often, which may be life threatening.
  • Hemophilia patients have the chances of developing anemic condition if any injury happens to the mouth. Prolonged bleeding leads to persistent blood loss.
  • Sexual consequences of hemophilia are under research. People with hemophilia are suspected o have sexual consequences.

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