Find Out What Causes Aplastic Anemia

By on December 24, 2015

Prior to knowing what causes Aplastic Anemia it is necessary for people to know what exactly is Aplastic Anemia.

Aplastic anemia is a medical condition in which bone marrow and red blood cells present in that place are damaged.

The anemia results into deficiency of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. The disease can be confirmed only through bone marrow biopsy test.

In a person diagnosed with Aplastic anemia, blood stem cells in bone marrow disappear and get replaces by fat.

Know What Causes Aplastic Anemia

Let us find out what causes Aplastic Anemia in a person:

What Causes Aplastic Anemia

Temporary or Permanent Damage of the Bone Marrow

The bone marrow is a spongy material located within the bones and it possesses the capacity of producing stem cells giving rise to the other cells within their body. Damage to the bone marrow can be a possible cause of Aplastic anemia.

Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatments

Treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy can fight cancer by killing the cancer cells but they are also damage the healthy cells like the stem cells located in the bone marrow. Therefore, these treatments can be taken as a potential cause of Aplastic anemia.

Exposure To Certain Toxic Chemicals

Exposure to various toxic chemicals like the ones used in insecticides and pesticides can result in Aplastic anemia. Anemia caused due to exposure to toxic chemicals gets better itself provided the patient avoids further exposure.


Medications are also one of the common causes of Aplastic anemia. Certain medicines used for treating rheumatoid arthritis including some antibiotics can result in Aplastic anemia.

Viral Infection

Viral infections affecting the bone marrow might play an important role in causing Aplastic anemia in people. The viruses that can cause this type of anemia include Epstein-Barr, parvovirus B19, hepatitis and HIV.

Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders where the immune system of the body starts attacking the healthy cells might result in Aplastic anemia.

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