Effective Medical Low Blood Platelets Treatment Options

By on October 17, 2015

The condition when an individual possesses lower than normal blood platelets count is called thrombocytopenia.

You might be experiencing the symptoms of low blood platelets and yet not realize the cause behind this condition.

In case, you are suffering from this condition unknowingly, it is necessary for you to know the low blood platelets treatment options available. Platelets are cells in the bloodstream helping in the promotion of clotting.

These cells are required to exist in large numbers and in case their count falls below a certain level that is considered normal, clotting takes longer causing different types of health problems for an individual.

Low Blood Platelets Treatment

Low Blood Platelets Treatment Options

Some low blood platelets treatment options, which show positive results in treating, are included below:

Identifying The Triggers

It is necessary to go through a thorough research and testing in order to know the triggers of this condition. Proper research and testing will help an individual in identifying the root cause that affects his or her immunity.


Medications, most probably corticosteroids can help in slowing down the procedure of platelet destruction. Steroids can either be given orally or through the vein. One of the most common corticosteroids used for treating the condition of low blood platelet is prednisone.

These steroids taken for treating low blood platelets are completely different from the ones taken by sports individuals or enhancing performance.

Platelet Or Blood Transfusions

Blood or platelet transfusions are generally used for treating people who are at an increased risk of bleeding or the ones experiencing active bleeding. This is a procedure where a needle is used for inserting an intravenous line into the blood vessels. This is the line through which the patient receives healthy platelets or blood.


Splenectomy is the name for the surgery used for removing the spleen. Splenectomy is considered as the last resort for low blood platelets treatment, when medications do not work in treating. And this option is generally used for treating Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.

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