Dangerous Side Effects Of High Cholesterol You Should Be Aware Of

By on April 23, 2016

Cholesterol is important for the normal functioning of the human body. Cholesterol is basically a wax-like substance present is almost all the areas of the human body.

It helps in producing vitamin D, bile and hormones. At the same time, cholesterol can turn out to be very dangerous if it is present in high amounts in the blood stream.

Hereditary conditions, high-fat diet, very little physical activity, alcohol consumption, age and weight are some of the factors that results in high levels of cholesterol causing great damage to the health of an individual.

Side Effects of High Cholesterol To Know

Some of the best side effects of high cholesterol that you should be aware of have been enumerated below:

Side Effects of High Cholesterol


Elevated and uncontrolled levels of cholesterol can result in atherosclerosis due to plaque build up in the arteries. The plaque usually gets accumulated because of calcium, fat and cholesterol causing the narrowing and the hardening of the arteries which ultimately blocks the flow of oxygen and blood.

Heart Attack

Cholesterol forming in the arteries obstructs the flow of oxygen and blood to the heart of an individual. This puts an individual at a very high risk of experiencing a heart attack. The plaque build up in the arteries breaks down and results in the formation of blood clots blocking the flow of oxygen and blood.


One of the dangerous side effects of high cholesterol levels in person’s blood is Angina. Angina is caused due to the limited circulation of blood in the arteries as a result of excessive cholesterol. Spasms and chest pain are the two noticeable symptoms of angina. Angina can also result in cardiovascular diseases.


The blockage of the arteries leading to the brain because of high cholesterol can cause the obstruction of oxygen and blood to the brain. This way the brain cells are not able to get sufficient oxygen and blood resulting in a stroke.

Erectile Problems in Men

Erectile dysfunction in men is also one of the side effects of high cholesterol you need to be aware of. Men with high cholesterol in their bloodstream might be the victims of erectile dysfunction because of the reduced flow of oxygen and blood in the genital and the penis area.

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