Available Non Surgical Varicose Vein Treatment Options

By on August 17, 2015

Varicose veins in simple way can be explained as twisted or enlarged veins, particularly in legs. This occurs normally in legs, but can also occur in veins of other parts. This condition is more common in women when compared to men.

Hereditary is the main cause of varicose veins and the other causes are pregnancy, menopause, obesity, aging, leg injury, and prolonged standing.

People are always in the look out of effective non surgical varicose vein treatment options. This is because it is not an eye pleasing sight to have swollen and knotty veins protruding out of the skin in the legs.

Varicose vein is an issue that is more than just being skin deep. The problem is an indication of heart trouble and degenerating veins that can have an adverse effect of the well-being of an individual.

With an advance in this problem, patients will start having ulcers, pigmentation and severe skin problems.

Common Non Surgical Varicose Vein Treatment

Non Surgical Varicose Vein Treatment

Some of the most common Non Surgical Varicose Vein Treatment options, you can use for treating are included below:

Prescription Medications

There are some conservative ideas that can be effective in treating varicose vein non-surgically. Some over the counter medicines such as anti-inflammatory medications aspirin and ibuprofen can treat varicose vein in a good way. There are even doctors who suggest using compression sticking for the issue.


This is one of the most common non invasive forms of treating varicose vein. This procedure involves injecting a certain medicine in the veins causing the veins to shrink and then automatically start functioning in a normal manner.

Endovenous Thermal Ablation

This is a treatment that involves making the effective use of quality lasers for reducing the incidences of spider veins. Patients generally need a total of three laser treatments at the interval of three months for achieving the desired results.

Losing Weight

Patients suffering from the condition of varicose vein are suggested to lose a considerable amount of weight. Sometimes, this procedure works wonders in treating the condition without going through a surgery.

Dietary Changes

Including more fibre in the diet can help in reducing extra pressure on the veins and this automatically helps in treating varicose vein. Patients can also consider gulping nutritional supplements that helps in reducing blood clots and in improving and maintaining the structure of the veins.

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