5 Commonly Found Diseases Of Red Blood Cells

By on January 1, 2015

Red Blood Cells are considered as the most important parts of human blood stream. Due to the presence of them, we find our blood to be red in color.

Red Blood Cells play vital role in maintaining proper balance of our body.

Blood related diseases are growing in numbers and as the days are progressing, we are facing new types of challenges.

Some of the diseases of red blood cells are common though!

Common Diseases of Red Blood Cells

In the following portion of this article, we shall have a look on the common diseases of red blood cells:

Diseases Of Red Blood Cells

1. Anemia

Anemia is the commonest red blood cell related disease and mostly women are vulnerable to it. However, irrespective of age and gender, this disease can happen to anyone.

Anemia is referred as a medical condition, which denotes low hemoglobin level in the red blood cells. Anemia is diagnosed, if hemoglobin count has been found less than 13.5 mg/dl (for men) or 12mg/dl (for women).

2. Polycythemia

Polycythemia is another common red blood cell related disease, which has been diagnosed when red blood count in the blood stream increases abnormally. The disease comes with some common symptoms, like irregular blood pressure level, weakness, itchiness, stress, fatigue, etc.

3. Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle Cell Disease is one the common diseases of red blood cells, which is basically a hereditary disease, causing serious physical threats for the patients.

This disorder affects the hemoglobin in the red blood cells and thus oxygen supply throughout the body gets hampered significantly. Various infections, anemia, etc. are some of the common aftermaths of sickle cell disease. [Side Effects Of Sickle Cell Anemia]

4. Thalassemia

Thalassemia is a common red blood cell disorder and it has been diagnosed when red blood cells do not develop properly in human bodies. Fragile red blood cell is the symptom of this disease.

5. Malaria

Malaria is basically an infection of red blood cells due to the activity of mosquito infected parasite. The parasite restricts red blood cell growth and thus harms overall oxygen level in the body.

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