Yoga For Asthmatics That Really Helps In Controlling Asthma

By on April 21, 2016

Asthma affects a large number of people throughout the world and it begins during childhood.

Breathing exercises and yoga for asthmatics are one of the most effective methods of curing asthma naturally.

Asthma is quite a severe disease of the lungs resulting in the narrowing and the inflammation of the airways.

Asthma is a troublesome condition that leaves an individual gasping for breath and it can even have dangerous results if not taken care on an immediate basis.

Yoga asanas and breathing exercises can be of good help in soothing and easing congestion of bronchioles and they also help in increasing the capacity of the lung.

Effective Yoga for Asthmatics

Here are some of the best yoga for asthmatics that work effectively in controlling yoga.

Yoga For Asthmatics

Ujjayi Pranayam

This asana is practiced while standing and lying down. It helps in improvising lung function by expanding the lungs. It also helps an individual in holding breathe for a very long time while giving the body the essential oxygen required.

Nadi Shodha Pranayam

This yoga breathing exercise helps by calming down the mind and relieving accumulated stress. This type of yoga has a kind of healing effect on different circulatory and respiratory problems.

Kapal Bhati Pranayam

This is a breathing technique that helps in energizing the nervous system and relaxing the mind. It also helps in clearing the energy channels and in improvising the circulation of blood. It has a good effect on asthma and can go a long way in providing good relief.

Ekpada Uttanasana

When it comes to yoga for asthmatics, Ekpada uttasana is the best. This yoga asana helps the lungs to fully open up and even oxygenates the respiratory system. It makes the hips flexible, tones the abdomen muscles, enhances the libido glands and improves digestion.

Simha Asana

This yoga asana is very popular mainly because of its ability of relieving voice disruptions, tonsillitis and throat problems. it also helps in improving the respiratory system by activating the lungs, the trachea and the larynx.

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