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By on July 3, 2013

Sinus infection home remedy is one best of getting relief from sinusitis. Actually, sinus infection is swelling of your sinuses and nasal passages.

There are a number of ways your sinuses can become inflamed and blocked, but the most common cause of sinus is viral infection.

If you have sinus infection, you may also have fever, headache, sore throat, cough and nasal congestion.

Sinus infections are one of the most common problems across the world and can cause pain and discomfort.

Sometimes this infection can also cause some brain infections and other severe problems.

Sinus Infection Home RemedyMany individuals are unhappy with the use of allopathic treatment for the sinus infection and the problem re-occurs within few months. The most common causes are cold and flu.

There are several sinus infection home and natural remedies for treating sinusitis, which is not controlled with medicines.

Here are some of the sinus infection home remedies:

  • Take steam inhalation with eucalyptus oil. It is a great natural sinus infection home remedy. It also helps to get immediate relief from nasal blockages.
  • Apply hot and cold compression over the inflamed area as it helps to reduce facial pain, headaches and thin mucus in congested cavities.
  • For an immediate relief, dilute few drops of eucalyptus oil with warm water and apply it to the cheek bones.
  • Oregano oil is used to treat sinusitis as it contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Apple cider vinegar is good to drink during sinus problem. It is another best sinus infection home remedy.
  • Ginger and black mustard are helped to restore blood circulation in the blocked nasal passage.
  • Drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water every day that keeps you away from any forms of nasal and sinus infection.
  • We all know that honey is an antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory and is ideal for your sinus infection.
  • Lemon balm fights against sinusitis causing bacteria and fungus, which works as another best sinus infection home remedy.
  • Drinking and inhaling the steam of herbal tea is the fastest and easiest way to thin and loosen infected mucus.
  • You have to maintain a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle that helps to keep your immune system strong and reduce the chance of sinus infection.
  • You can dissolve vitamin C powder in water and use as a nasal spray. It another best natural home remedy for sinus infection.
  • Horseradish is a sinus infection home remedy that will help you to breathe easier as it contains a natural decongestant.
  • When you have a sinus infection, try to get enough rest that gives your body a chance to recover.

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