Severe Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Commonly Experienced

By on November 23, 2015

An allergy can be defined as heightened sensitivity to foreign substances which are commonly known as allergens.

This results in the overreaction of the defense system or the immune system of the body while the body tries to defend itself.

The seriousness of allergic reactions might vary from mild uneasiness to life threatening conditions.

Seasonal allergies are of different types. There are spring allergies, fall allergies, summer allergies and winter allergies.

Spring is the most common time for seasonal allergies while winter is the least common. These allergies are generally caused due to pollens from grasses, weeds and trees.

Severe Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Common Severe Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Severe seasonal allergy symptoms that are commonly experienced have been discussed below:

Symptoms Related To The Nose

Severe seasonal allergy symptoms range from mild to the severe ones. In addition to this, many people might also suffer from asthma. Common symptoms related to the nose include stuffy or runny nose; constant sneezing which can develop into severe cough and postnasal drainage.

Apart from this, people can also experience blocked nasal passages, nasal itching, facial pain or pressure and loss of taste.

Symptoms Related To The Eyes

Common symptoms in relation to the eyes include runny and itchy eyes, feeling of grittiness in the eyes and blueness and swelling of the skin under the eyes which is also known as allergic conjunctivitis. People might also experience a feeling of something getting stuck under the eyelids.

Ears and Throat

Blocked or itchy sinuses in the ear canals or the throat, ear congestion, horse voice and sore throat are some common seasonal allergy symptoms in relation to the ears and the throat.


The severe seasonal allergy symptoms in relation to sleep include frequent awakening, mouth breathing, difficulty performing at work and daytime fatigue. All these symptoms that serve as a clear sign of seasonal allergies should be taken care of in the best way possible.

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