Everything About Seasonal Allergies In Infants

By on April 29, 2014

Spring time is the most enjoyable season throughout the year. But for babies or infants it is hard time to get through as it is the time for developing seasonal allergies.

What is a seasonal allergy?

Some allergens like pollen or dust mites found in the air may cause allergic reaction to the immune system of the child.

When these air born particles are inhaled by your baby, then his/her body releases some chemicals like histamines to fight against invader.

Presence of these histamines in the body causes symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, etc.

Seasonal Allergies In Infants Symptoms are sometimes constant, severe, and mild or come and go based on the type of allergen that baby inhaled.

Allergy symptoms in infants:

Most of the symptoms of seasonal allergies are very common and are easily recognizable, but some symptoms cannot be recognized.

Let us see some most common symptoms that tell you that your baby is suffering from allergy. Have a look!

Your baby may experience:

  • Red swollen and rubbing eyes
  • Runny nose and red swollen watering eyes
  • Impaired breathing
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Sniffling and snorting

How Can You Say That Your Baby is Having Allergy?

If you cannot find out from which type of allergy, your infant is suffering from, seek pediatrician advice.

He will refer your infant to an allergic specialist for further evaluations. He will do certain skin tests and blood tests to figure out various allergic reactions to common allergens.

Over-the-counter reliefs should not be given until your pediatrician suggests. Your infant must be diagnosed correctly to know whether he/she is allergic and the symptoms are treated properly based on the severity of the symptoms.

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