The Most Common Allergens In Food Suffered

By on February 2, 2015

There are a large number of people who suffer from food allergies.

People suffering from certain sensitivities might also react to certain foods and such foods are called food allergens.

Food allergens are in no ways healthy and they tend to be more of industrialized food.

People who tend to suffer from food allergies should be well aware of the foods they are allergic to.

Common Allergens In Food

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the most common allergens in food or the foods that are considered to be allergic are eight and they as follows:

Common Allergens In Food


Food allergy from shellfish might be different in different people. One person might be allergic to only one single variety of shellfish, while some other person might not be able to have any variety of shellfish or any other product that contains traces of shellfish.

The symptoms of reactions to shellfish include swelling tongue, tingling sensation felt in the mouth, nausea, diarrhea, fainting, dizziness and hives.


Peanuts are one of the most common food allergens greatly affecting children on a very wide scale. There are many schools which have banned the use of peanut butter for lunch and this is even for the children who are not allergic to peanut.

This has been done in order to avoid the sharing of PBJs by children who are allergic to peanut. However, the question about people being allergic to peanut or the mold growing on the shell prior to the shell being harvested still needs to be answered.

Dairy Products

Dairy products and most commonly cow’s milk are considered one of the most common food allergens causing allergic reactions in a large number of people.

There is an assortment of foods made out of cow’s milk and they include cream, bread, cheese, yoghurt and butter. Cow’s milk is considered highly allergic because the proteins present in cow’s milk cannot be digested by the human body very easily.

Tree Nuts

Tree nuts is another food allergen which is found in different drinks and foods. People allergic to tree nuts suffer from a completely different reaction when they eat chestnuts, cashews, walnuts, pine nuts, pistachio, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, and hazelnuts.


Soy is also one of the most common allergens in food but it is not considered very dangerous. Millions of people are the victims of this type of food allergy. Sometimes, severe allergic reaction like anaphylaxis is observed in Soy allergic patients.

Seafood Allergy

Next in the list of common allergens in food is Seafood. People suffering with this allergy are allergic to shellfish, scaly fish, or crustaceans. Shellfish allergy is a subtype of this seafood allergy.

Seafood allergic people not only suffer allergic reactions just by eating seafood, but also suffer reaction with exposure to vapors from seafood cooking, or even by cooking or handling seafood.

Egg Allergy

Another most common food allergen is Egg allergy. People suffering with this allergy generally experience allergic reaction, when they eat dietary substances that have egg yolk, or egg white. Allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis are experienced under severe conditions.

Wheat Allergy

Next in list of eight most common food allergens come is Wheat allergy. This type of allergic patients experience allergic reactions by eating dietary substances containing wheat, and even by occupational exposure to wheat.

As a result, this is also a contact allergy along with food allergy. Most common symptoms observed are nausea, atopy, utricaria, etc.

Natural Cures for Food Allergies

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