Latex Reaction Treatment Options That Really Works

By on March 28, 2016

Rubber trees produce a kind of milky sap which is called latex. This sap is combined with different chemicals during the manufacturing procedure for giving latex the elastic quality.

Latex allergy is an allergic reaction, which is caused due proteins that are present in natural rubber latex.

Rubber latex can be widely found in shoe soles, nipples of baby bottles, condoms, rubber gloves, elastic bands, balloons, toys and erasers.

A person who is allergic to latex experiences reaction when exposed to any of the latex products. And these people may also develop reaction even to some fruits like banana.

Latex Reaction Treatment

Latex Reaction Treatment Options

So, what is the right latex reaction treatment? Let us have a look below:

Total Avoidance

The most effective and the best latex reaction treatment is complete avoidance. This involves avoiding the contact of latex or any other product containing latex. Healthcare workers must be informed about their latex allergy.

People with latex allergy should avoid being in areas where latex gloves are used or removed. This helps them in preventing the accidental inhalation of airborne powder. In case, one cannot avoid the use of latex gloves, the hands must be washed thoroughly post using them.

Use of Antihistamines

Using antihistamines is one of the best options for latex reaction treatment. For people with itchy and red skin due to latex allergy, antihistamines help in easing the symptoms. These medicines are also the best for stuffed nose and sneezes which are an after-effect of latex reaction.

Soothing Lotion

An antihistamine in combination with a good quality soothing lotion such as hydrocortisone cream or calamine can be very effective in doing away with an allergic reaction caused due to latex. However, antihistamine gels and creams that cause reactions need to be avoided.


There are even medicines that can be taken for curing latex reaction but there is no definite cure for this problem. The only cure is avoiding products containing latex.

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