Common Milk Allergy Symptoms In Toddlers To Look For

By on March 18, 2016

Milk allergy is a very common food allergy among children. It is basically a kind of abnormal response of the immune system of a toddler’s body to milk and to the products that contain milk.

One of the most usual causes of milk allergy is cow’s milk. However, milk from goats, buffalo, sheep and various other mammals can also cause reaction.

Milk allergy generally occurs within minutes or hours of consuming milk. The milk allergy symptoms in toddlers might range from being mild to serious.

Sometimes, this allergy can also result in anaphylaxis which is a serious and life-threatening allergy.

Common Milk Allergy Symptoms In Toddlers

The most common milk allergy symptoms in toddlers to look for are as follows:

Common Milk Allergy Symptoms In Toddlers

Red Rash Around the Mouth of the Infant

Milk allergy symptoms in toddlers can either be delayed or immediate. Immediate reactions generally appear very quickly after the toddler consumes milk and therefore the symptoms can be picked very easily. If there is an itchy and red rash identified around the mouth of the baby, it can be taken as the first sign of milk allergy in the toddler.

Facial Swelling

Another symptom of milk allergy in toddlers is facial swelling and hives. You can find red itchy bumps all through the body. These symptoms are common due to the fact that your toddler is experiencing an immediate reaction to milk.

Breathing Difficulty

If your child is suffering from severe reactions then he or she might be having breathing difficulties and the child might also go floppy. In such scenarios, the child requires immediate treatment but this is generally a very rare symptom or condition.

Symptoms of Delayed Reaction

There are some symptoms that come on very slowly and it is very difficult to spot these symptoms. These are called delayed reactions and they might show signs like reflux, eczema, poor growth, colic, constipation and even diarrhea.

Other Common Symptoms

The other common symptoms of an allergic reaction to milk are abdominal cramps, skin rash, loose stool, sinus infection or runny nose and intermittent coughing.

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