7 Most Bothering Sinus Viral Infection Symptoms

By on September 18, 2013

A sinus infection is also known as sinusitis, occurs when your nasal passages become inflamed and caused due to the viral or bacterial infection.

Most of the sinus infections are developed from a virus instead of bacteria. Sinusitis is one of the most common conditions that can affect people throughout their lives.

Sinus infections are not contagious, but the colds that can lead to sinus infection are quite contagious.

One of the most common causes of sinusitis is common cold. Individuals who have the following condition possess a higher risk of sinusitis:
Sinus Viral Infection Symptoms

  • Nasal mucous membrane swelling from a common cold
  • Smoking
  • Weakened immune system
  • Nasal polyps
  • Large adenoids
  • Allergic reactions and bronchial asthma

Here are the most common sinus viral infection symptoms:

Facial pain: Sinus viral infection symptoms are quite different from common cold and influenza. The main symptoms are pain around the facial area, reduced ability to smell, nasal blockage and discharge.

Nasal congestion: One of the most common sinus viral infection symptoms is nasal congestion. Nasal congestion is the blockage of the nose passages which occur due to the thick mucus caused by the virus.

When a person’s nose is blocked, the natural air-flow of the nasal passages and sinuses becomes impaired. Your sense of smell can also be reduced during a viral sinus infection.

Headache: If you have a viral sinus infection, you may experience headache at the front of the forehead as nasal congestion may cause you to develop headache. Many viral infections can either directly or indirectly cause headache.

Sore throat: Sore throat is a symptom of sinus viral infection. Many viral sore throats are caused by cold and flu, and their symptoms are inflammation, throat muscle pain, coughing, low fever and soreness, which can be painful and interfere with your ability to eat certain foods.

Facial pain: When the sinuses are inflamed and swollen, you may experience facial sinus pain around the eyes, cheek bones, ears and upper teeth. You may also feel pressure on your head and also become worse when you bend your head forward.

Bad breath: Bad breath associated with your sinuses and nasal passages, often occur when your sinuses become blocked. Bad breath usually occurs from the sinuses and other parts of the upper respiratory system.

Fever: Some people with a viral sinus infection may also suffer from fever. Fever is the body’s response to the infection which stimulates the immune system to combat the virus in the body by raising your body’s temperature. A fever due to viral sinus infection is usually low-grade may be less than 100.4 degrees.

Keep in mind that these sinus viral infection symptoms may also be noticed with a cold. But, if they continue for more than 10 days, you may have sinus infection. [Sinus Infection Home Remedy]

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  1. Susan

    January 1, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    I suffer from sinusitis and I have experienced first-hand how painful it can be. All of the symptoms you have described are so accurate. I think it is good for everyone to be aware of these symptoms of sinusitis. The very first time I got the sinusitis pain, I did not know what it was. At first I thought they were just the symptoms of a very serious cold. By the time I went to the doctor, it was really bad and I had to go on a course of antibiotics. Now I know better. I can recognize the symptoms more easily and I make it a point to go to the doctor before the symptoms become worse.

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