5 Of The Best Dogs For Kids With Allergies

By on March 14, 2015

Kids love to have dogs as their pets. But, if your kids are allergic to dogs this does not mean that you can never own a dog in your lifetime.

There are some breeds of best dogs for kids with allergies that can serve as a very good choice. Such type of dogs, which are not allergic are known as hypoallergic dogs.

Disowning a dog or a puppy over allergies is inhumane and this is something that should not be done. There are some breeds of dogs that do not trigger sneezes and watery eyes.

Best Dogs For Kids With Allergies

Here are some of the best dogs for kids with allergies, which you can have as a pet without any doubt.

Best Dogs For Kids With Allergies

Yorkshire Terrier

These dogs have very little fur and their hair can be cut every which will ease you of the stress of brushing their hair on a regular basis. Yorkshire dogs are great for the families who have young kids and these dogs also have the ability of tolerating extensive sessions of grooming.


Miniature poodles are also considered the best dogs for kids with allergies as they easily fit in small apartments. These dogs are best for kids with asthma and other forms of allergy.

These dogs grow hair which is a very different characteristic when compared to other dogs that grow fur. They can be trained very easily and have short hair.

Bichon Frise

These dogs have puffy coats, they are jolly and they can even be trained very easily. The best thing about these dogs is that they do not shed and thus they do not shower dust and dander when brushed on a regular basis. These dogs are best for families looking for cheerful and small dogs.

Miniature Schnauzers

You will find schnauzers in three typical sizes: standard, giant and miniature. All the three sizes feature soft white-haired coats. These dogs do not need regular baths and grooming sessions. They are smart and they even enjoy getting a lot of attention and therefore they are fit for large and active families.


These dogs are a cross between poodles and retrievers featuring curly hair and they do not shed as well. These dogs are very friendly and they are great for families with allergic kids.

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