5 Best Natural Treatment For Asthma You Can Try

By on June 1, 2015

Asthma is basically a condition where the air passage of the lungs gets inflamed due to which an individual has problem in breathing.

There are a number of reasons that can trigger an asthma attack and the reasons include dust exposure, pollens and smoking.

Asthma attack can easily be cured with medications. But the best thing that you can do in curing asthma is going for best natural treatment for asthma.

Moreover, you can even these natural remedies for asthma at your home itself.

Best Natural Treatment For Asthma

Some of the best natural treatments for asthma have been detailed below:

Best Natural Treatment For Asthma

Garlic And Ginger

Garlic and ginger are common ingredients which are used for cooking purpose but they also produce great results when used in the form of natural treatment of asthma.

You can make ginger tea and add minced garlic to this tea. This tea can be taken either once or twice during the day and the difference can be experienced in a few days only.

Turmeric And Honey

You can take turmeric and honey on a regular basis every morning prior to having your breakfast and even your morning tea.

Turmeric helps in improving the condition of severe asthma by bringing about a reduction in fungi. Turmeric possesses antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Drumstick Leaves

Drumstick leaves works as excellent remedies for asthma. Drumstick leaves can be coiled in water and then it can be drunk in the form of soup. You can even add some pepper, salt and lemon for good taste.


Water is an effective and the best natural treatment for asthma. Asthma patients should drink plenty of water every day because water helps in keeping the blood vessels diluted which facilitates the flow of oxygen.

Milk and Grapes

Some grapes can be soaked in water overnight and these grapes should be kept in cold milk in the morning. Having these grapes before having anything else in the morning can work wonders in treating asthma.

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